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ARTROVENO SUPPLEMAIS is indicated to improve circulation in the veins of the legs, relieving the sensation of pain, heaviness in the legs, 
swelling and varicose veins.
Contains 60 tablets.

Vitamins B6

Pyridoxine, or vitamin B6, is a micronutrient that plays several roles in the body, as it participates in various metabolism reactions, especially those related to amino acids and enzymes, which are proteins that help regulate the body's chemical processes.

B12 vitamin

Vitamin B12, also known as Cobalamin, performs a series of essential functions for our body, being important to, among other things, keep the metabolism functioning. 

It is a nutrient that has, among its functions, the production of red blood cells.

Keep reading this content and understand why Vitamin B12 is so important and essential for our body.

Vitamin K1

Vitamin K performs functions in the body such as participating in blood clotting, preventing bleeding, and strengthening bones, as it increases the fixation of calcium in bone mass.


SupplementMore Arthroven

SupleMais ArtroVeno has an exclusive formula that brings several benefits such as keeping bones and teeth strong, improving the immune system, preventing diabetes, reducing the risk of heart disease, controlling blood pressure, especially with pregnant women at risk of eclampsia, regulating cholesterol.


Our product is not fattening, has zero sugar and does not contain gluten. It does not have preservatives or dyes, therefore, it is a differentiated product, indicated to improve the circulation of the leg veins in the symptoms of pain, feeling of heaviness in the legs, swelling and varicose veins.


  • Improves bone density;

  • Helps in the health of blood vessels;

  • Interferes with blood clotting;

  • Improves fatigue;

  • Helps in protein production;

  • Improves nerve function and communication;

  • Optimizes memory function.

Ingredients:  Magnesium Chloride PA Hexahydrate, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Flavoring (Horsenut Extract), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin), Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Anti-humectant, Magnesium Stearate, Carbonate Calcium, Hydrolyzed Gelatin, Purified Water.

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